Services for people at work

Imagine an organisation where human beings are in the centre. Where people enjoy working together and make products with the end users in mind. How can we achieve this? Our focus are people at work. We are interested to explore your situation, to understand the source of problems and to get things done.

Product consulting

  • Human centred design
  • Customer satisfaction, customer needs
  • Impact mapping, trend indentification
  • User research, usability research, UX
  • Requirements analysis, validation
  • Product management support

We improve your digital products and services. Get support.

Development consulting

  • Software design
  • Embedded systems, Linux, IP, TCP, HTTP
  • C, JavaScript, Delphi, PHP, HTML
  • SQL, SAP, Oracle, database, ERP
  • System architecture, verification
  • Project management support

We help your knowledge workers to deliver projects in time. Get support.

Organisation consulting

  • Systems thinking
  • Continuous improvement, quality control
  • Team workshops, team retrospectives
  • Frontline support, value stream processes
  • Joy at work, collaboration across teams
  • Change management support

We support your teams to adapt and work together. Get support.

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