Thoughts about website software

Here are some thoughts about website software and how they could make life easier. Perhaps the main focus should be on people and their work flow. Not on admin panels and technical details. As Dieter Rams said, good design should concentrate on the essential aspects.

Goals of a software for small websites

  1. Great user experience, useful for small websites.
  2. You can use file system and web interface.
  3. Open source, no license fee.

Common with other software

  1. It works. You can create web pages, blogs, wikis.
  2. Quick installation. Get started in a few minutes.
  3. No database. Everything is just files and folders.

Different from other software

  1. Not much to learn. Better dead simple than too many features.
  2. No admin panel. Update your website with the normal navigation.
  3. Dynamic and static pages. Website can be served with/without CMS.