We support people, organisations
and products in their development.

Vi stöder människor, organisationer
och produkter i deras utveckling.

Wir unterstützen Menschen, Organisationen
und Produkte in ihrer Entwicklung.

For people at work

Imagine an organisation where human beings are in the centre. Where people enjoy working together and make products with the end users in mind. How can we achieve this? Our focus are people at work. We are interested to explore your situation, to understand the source of problems and to get things done. Learn more.

Remove development stress

Discover what is often unnecessary at work. Waste is everything you could remove from a system to get the same or better result. This document was developed in 2011 with teams in Sweden and shows a categorisation of wastes in software and hardware development. It should help you finding unproductive things. Learn more.

For technology companies

Get support for you and your organisation. Mayberg is a consulting company in Sweden. We're here to help you. The result of our work are measurable improvements for people, organisations and products. Do you have questions? We're happy to listen and take care of problems. Learn more.

Mayberg, c/o Mark Seuffert,
Magle Stora Kyrkogata 6,
22350 Lund, Sweden